Thursday, October 25, 2012


You tell me that you love me,
You tell me that you wont leave me,
But you turn around and do it anyways.

Now i am crying my heart out

Hoping you would hear me
But you just ignore my painful cry

Each and everyday passes by

I fake a smile to the world
but underneith my smile
Is my broken heart

All the good memories you gave me
Is all i have left of you

But it is slowly fading away

As time goes by everyday
But will i get over you?

Wrong because Loved You

I was wrong,

I should end my fault

my fault
because loved you who have loved by him

I was
swayed a dream

my dream
to have you are

are best thing that I've ever had

I will never
forget all the memories of you

I do not want to disturb your life

had to go leave you



and forever...

My Love

my love
love can not choose

can not be
too force

my eyes could not leave you

when my mind
can not stop thinking about you

my heart always miss you

That's when I

has fallen in love with you

Yes, you...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Heart of The Deepest

Heart of The Deepest

I took off all I want
I will not Repeat this
Sorry if i love you
And if I'm waiting for you

Have you ever tried to understand
Look at me here
Could it be that if I'm dreaming
It wrong waiting for you

I never tired of waiting
Never lost my love for this
Wherever you go back to the present
I will be remembered in the hearts

You have left
Heart of the deepest
Until there is no love
What remains in the soul